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When designing a pool, the options often seem endless. Pool decking can be done with any number of materials — poured slab, tile, natural stone, brick, wood — so why choose pavers?


There is no pool decking material that is more durable than pavers. Wood will fade and splinter, slabs will crack, brick will shift and crack, and natural stone can splinter or break. Belgard pavers have a lifetime warranty and are highly resistant to cracking or deterioration caused by exposure to foot traffic, sun, pool chemicals, or salt. On the odd chance that a paver does get damaged, it is easily replaced.


Bare feet on a wet surface can quickly become a dangerous scenario. Tile and natural stone often get slippery when wet. Belgard pavers have a slip-resistant surface, no matter how wet they get.

Products: Dublin Cobble® pavers, Celtik® Wall

Design Flexibility

Pavers are incredibly beautiful and allow for a variety of design options. Whether trying to create a natural look that blends into lush landscaping, or seeking a tailored look to coordinate with an ultra-modern architectural style, there is a paver to fit the bill. Pavers also work well with other hardscapes to develop a cohesive design. By blending pavers with retaining walls, a design can include steps, garden walls, and an outdoor kitchen that all blend together as one functional outdoor living design.

Overlay Options

Belgard offers a number of thinner profile pavers that can overlay an existing concrete pool deck to bring new life to an old pool for considerably less cost than removing and replacing the decking. Click on the image below to see how this rundown pool was transformed by overlaying the deck with Lafitt™ Rustic Slab.

PoolOverlayVideoFor more inspiration on paver poolscapes, visit our poolscape Pinterest board or the Belgard Design Studio. To find an authorized contractor or dealer near you, click here.


  1. My husband wants to have a pool installed in our backyard. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to incorporate it into the landscape so it looks pretty. Using brick pavers for our pool sounds like a grand idea.

  2. My sister recently moved into a home that has a pool. She wants to replaced the current pool decking because it is cracked and damaged, so she’s looking at different options. I didn’t realize pavers are a great material because if any damage happens, individual pieces can be replaced. I’ll be sure to share this information with my sister.

  3. I like how you mentioned that pavers can add a variety of design options by allowing you a natural look if you want it. A little more natural of a look is something my wife would love in our backyard. I’m sure having a good landscaper come handle the installation of pavers would accomplish that.

  4. I think you make a great point about wood being a lot weaker than concrete paving. Like you said, wood will fade and splinter, but concrete will last a long time. I’ll have to consider your tips when figuring out how I want my backyard paved.

  5. It is interesting to learn that pavers are the most durable type of pool decking material. My wife and I are looking at having a pool installed, and we weren’t sure what we would use for the pool deck. I’d like to have my pool last me as long as possible, so I’m definitely interested in using pavers for my pool.


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