Belgard is fundamentally committed to the health and safety of our products, environment, people and community. We develop energy efficient hardscaping products with specific environmental benefits and invest in the research and development of new, environmentally responsible products, practices and technologies. Our line of permeable pavers reduces water run-off, allowing the water to gradually filter back into the soil naturally, resulting in the control and stabilization of soil erosion. For more information about permeable pavers and sustainability, please visit the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute's (ICPI) website at

Belgard is also a long standing member and badge holder from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the creator of LEED® certification. Developed in 1998, LEED® provides voluntary guidelines for reducing energy and wasted resources from building and site design. Interlocking Concrete Pavements (ICP), including Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavements (PICPs), are eligible for LEED® credits under USGBC and CaGBC guidelines. To learn more about how concrete pavers earn LEED points, visit the ICPI website at

Improving energy efficiency is also a key focus for our brick and concrete operations. We strive to improve and progress our recycling efforts of both internal by-products and externally sourced secondary materials. Many of our products are suitable for use in climate change mitigation and adaptation.

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