Increase Profits by Turning Paver Installation Jobs Faster

Jul 11, 2018

Current outdoor living design trends lean towards larger hardscape shapes and sizes. In addition to having the look that homeowners desire, large-format pavers also offer multiple benefits to outdoor living contractors in that they lay two to three times faster than smaller pavers due to the extra surface area and the reduced number of cuts. In today’s climate of reduced availability of skilled labor, these factors present an attractive scenario. Not to mention the fact that profits hinge on the ability to turn jobs quickly.


Despite this, many contractors shy away from recommending large-format pavers to homeowners due to the extra weight of the product, which can cause crew fatigue. However, multiple installation tools use compressed air to move and place heavier pavers, which not only reduces fatigue but exponentially increases installation efficiency. One example is the AIRLIFT from Pave Tech®.


Watch the demo video below to see how simple and efficient this installation method can be. 



The AIRLIFT works well with the following large-format pavers from Belgard: