Belgard Introduces the Chicago Brick Oven Collection

Belgard recently announced the addition of the Chicago Brick Oven collection to their product line.  “We have always focused on creating a spectacular outdoor living environment,” states Ken O’Neill, Vice President of Belgard Hardcapes. “The addition of the Chicago Brick Oven Collection will help homeowners and contractors create a focal point for outdoor living spaces without the hassle of working with multiple distributors.” The ovens are light-weight, easy to install and can fit into a variety of landscape design and styles.

The oven line includes a variety of pre-fabricated models, “finish-it-yourself” models, and oven kits bundled with Belgard’s hardscape products. The flagship of the oven product line is the series created especially for world-renowned New York chef and restaurateur Mario Batali. “Nothing beats the authentic taste of food cooked in a wood-fired oven,” states Batali, who purports the wood-fire cooking method for bringing out the natural flavor of food.

The above picture shows a combination of modular units from the Nottingham collection. The Nottingham Brick Oven comes in two pieces. The top unit features a wood-fired brick oven and the bottom unit is designed for wood storage. The kit also includes a pizza peel and brush. In addition, this outdoor area features the Nottingham Bar/Grill Island. To view the full collection of modular units offered through Belgard, visit our website to download the 2010 Belgard Elements product catalog.

Over the coming months, Belgard and Chicago Brick Ovens will be co-hosting a number of events to promote the product line partnership and illustrate a variety of uses, design options, and product specifications. In addition to trade show presentations, Belgard will be offering specification and design information on their new oven line at upcoming Belgard University distributor training classes.

Visit the BelgardOutdoorLiving YouTube channel to see a Chicago Brick Oven in action.

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  1. I am planning to get a fire place installed at my home. I have the following queries and would appreciate an early reply from your end.

    1. How much would it cost me to install a Nottingham Brick Oven. Please give the breakdown of the cost for the components and also the labor cost.
    2. The time in number of days I need to plan for this work.
    3. Do I have to buy anything myself or would you supply everything?
    4. Do you install it or do I need to hire a contractor?

    You may send me the details above at my address below if you should.

    6795 18th Street N
    St. Petersburg, Fl 33702

    Bruce Hemdija

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