Belgard believes that if we understand the core needs and wants of today?s homeowners, not only are we better at offering them the product assortment they want, we are also better at providing them the service they desire in conjunction with those products. Our Belgard contractors and dealer partners are a big part of that equation.

Every few years, we invest in what is called a Segmentation Study. A segmentation study is used to understand what the motivating factors are for a homeowner regarding outdoor living purchases - what has changed in the past few years and what has stayed the same. These segmentation studies, in addition to your valuable feedback, help us create the next generation of products, programs, and services to over-deliver to their expectations.

Here are the highlights from our latest segmentation study, which not only revealed the most valuable homeowner targets in the marketplace but what motivates their spending patterns. We will give you a hint - they are looking for top quality service and knowledgeable expertise from the leaders in the industry - that's you and us!

What they are looking for from the professional: (in order of importance)

  1. Willing to work within my budget limits
  2. Knowledgeable and helpful
  3. Offers the most durable and high-grade products
  4. Carries products that blend nicely with the rest of my home
  5. Provides access to samples, design assistance, installation and delivery
  6. Superior planning experience

What they are looking for in product selection: (in order of importance)

  1. Offers the most durable and high grade products
  2. Carries products that blend nicely with the rest of my home
  3. Offers unique and custom styles
  4. Is a brand that I trust
  5. Is a brand trusted by most professionals

What they are looking for in a brand: (in order of importance)

  1. Gives me the most for my money - does not mean the cheapest, means the best value for my money over the long term
  2. Is the leader in design and style
  3. Are easy to work with and provide superior customer service
  4. Offers the highest quality products
  5. Is the most trusted brand

Interesting quotes from one-on-one surveys:

  • "I like knowing we have one of the nicest outdoor living spaces in the neighborhood."
  • "Beautiful to me is actually using my outdoor living space."
  • "It feels good to know we've created a space for our family to enjoy."