The rise of outdoor living in recent years has presented a number of opportunities for professionals in the landscape, hardscape and residential construction industries to build their businesses in new directions. Here are the top five reasons why incorporating Belgard Elements outdoor fireplaces, brick ovens and kitchen units into your portfolio of offerings will help propel your business forward.

1. Turn jobs faster.
Belgard Elements are pre-built modular units that work together to create the look of a custom site-built outdoor kitchen or living room in a fraction of the time. What would take weeks to build on site is installed in a manner of hours. This means less disruption to the life of the homeowner and their neighbors, which makes them happier and increases referrals. It also means you don’t have to tie up a crew and can get paid and move on to the next job. Our new installation spec allows the Elements to be laid on a compacted gravel base, making the installation even faster!

2. Reduce your dependence on skilled labor.
Let’s face it, there’s a definite shortage of skilled labor these days. Building a custom fireplace with the look of the Bristol Series, for example, would take the talents of a skilled mason. Belgard Elements are built in a factory and shipped in pieces. Once the base is prepared, you simply place the pieces with a forklift.

3. Give homeowners more reasons to choose you.
Because Belgard does most of the work for you, the Elements line allows you to expand your business offerings to include outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, which can increase the scope of individual projects and give homeowners one more reason to choose you over the competition. Most contractors installing Elements report that their businesses have grown, profits have increased, and customers are happier. Plus, manufacturing Belgard Elements in a controlled factory setting significantly reduces both the product and labor costs, allowing you to undercut your competition and offer homeowners the look of a custom build for a fraction of the cost and still turn a premium profit.

4. Boost your company image.
Belgard Elements become a dramatic focal point in any outdoor living design, helping you to create spectacular outdoor living spaces that homeowners desire. And by partnering with Belgard, you’re aligning your company with the industry leader who is backed both by the Belgard Warranty and the Good Housekeeping Seal.

5. Get access to free training and professional promotional materials.
Belgard offers a beautiful catalog to help you build your Belgard Elements business, plus a library of professional photography to help you attract new customers through your own marketing efforts. And Belgard offers free training for installation of all Belgard products.

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