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Integrating technology into your business is an ongoing journey. Knowing where you are now will help you identify what role technology currently has in your business and what technological improvements you could make to continue to grow. Take the quiz below to help you determine how technology-savvy your business is or isn't.

1. Do you use a quoting and invoicing software?

2. Do your crew leaders all have smart phones?

3. Do you have the ability to conduct conference calls?

4. Do you have a computer generated file and data system to keep your business information organized and up-to-date?

5. Do you have a website and professional email address for your business?

6. Do you use email to keep up with your past customers?

7. Do you incorporate social media as part of your marketing plan (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or Pinterest)?

8. Do you have a profile on Houzz?

9. Do you present computer generated designs to your customers?

10. Do you keep digital product catalogs and project galleries on a laptop or tablet to use as a reference and for sales tools?

11. At this moment do you know where every piece of your equipment is?

12. At this moment do you know how long each member of your crew has been on the job site?

How many "yes" answers? See how your business ranks.

  • If you answered yes to more than 7 of the above: Congratulations, you are a well-rounded techie, using technology in multiple areas of your business and are likely one of the leaders in your market.
  • At least 5 "yes" answers: You are good at dabbling with the business use of technology and could easily build on that and go further!
  • Less than 4 "yes" answers: It's time to move into this century, my friend.

Where did you answer "no"? Learn how to improve your technology use.

  • If you answered no to 1 - 4: Take some time to review technology that can help your internal business operations, such as QuickBooks or Intuit.
  • If you answered no to any questions in 5 - 10: You are missing out on key marketing opportunities to build your business. Consider designating a tech-savvy employee or hiring a marketing professional to help implement programs in these areas. If you don't have a web or social media presence, WordPress is a website platform that is easy to navigate and can seamlessly integrate a website and social media in one step. If you are not using computer designs as a sales tool, increase closure rates by taking advantage of the 50+ free design templates from the Belgard Design Studio or submit photos and sketches to have our designers create custom renderings.
If you answered no to 11 - 12:

Technology implementation in this area of your business can make your crews and equipment more efficient. There are a number of smart phone and tablet apps specifically designed for the construction industry that can help you track your crews, equipment, and more.

How Can Technology Make Your Wallet Grow?