There was a time when the pool planning process was a bit simpler. A basic pool was generally a white concrete rectangle surrounded by four feet of additional concrete decking. Coping choices were limited to a couple of standard options, and the tile trim was typically some shade of blue. Although some homeowners still opt for the classic pool, the trend in modern poolscapes is to create an environment that is an extension of the overall outdoor living space. The outdoor kitchen connects to the outdoor living room that transitions to the pool deck…all as one continuous, flowing design. Design choices are as plentiful and unique as each individual homeowner, allowing for the creation of personalized poolscapes that are a reflection of the homeowner’s personality.

To begin planning a pool design, the first step is to help the homeowner decide on an overall design scheme that will work well as part of a full-scale outdoor living design, either now or later. What design style best fits his or her personality? Here are a few inspirational ideas to help jumpstart the planning process with regard to paver choices.

Classically Tailored

If the homeowner typically goes for more traditional design options that will “stand the test of time,” these pool deck designs incorporate classic styles of pavers and offer a modern twist on the cobbled look of a bygone era.

1: Old World Paver | 2: Dublin Cobble | 3: Cambridge Cobble

The Natural Look

Perhaps the homeowner would prefer a pool that looks as though it’s part of the natural landscape. These designs utilize pavers that emulate the look of natural stone to help evoke the sense of a backyard oasis.

1: Mega-Arbel | 2: Urbana Stone | 3: Mega-Lafitt


Maybe the homeowner gravitates to the modular look or loves clean, crisp lines with a sparsely decorated design scheme. If so, then these modern pool designs utilize large format pavers that would appeal to someone with a contemporary sense of style.

1: Espirit Porcelain Pavers | 2: Lafitt Rustic Slab | 3: Quarziti 2.0 Porcelain Pavers

To continue exploring paver pool deck design ideas, visit our pool deck Pinterest board and Inspiration page. When you’re ready to go to the next step, visit our dealer locator to find a qualified Belgard authorized dealer near you.