During the construction of a luxury home in the Salt Lake City area, developer Ken Keller presented landscape contractor Rand Locke with the challenge of building a retaining wall that would support the garage and driveway area, which had an elevation drop of about twenty feet into the property line and neighbor's yard and needed to be terraced according to city codes. The developer also wanted a grass ramp sloping from the driveway area into the home's own backyard, which was at the same elevation as the neighbor's, twenty feet below.

Locke had been introduced to the Mega-Tandem™ MSRW system shortly before beginning this design and felt it would be the perfect product to achieve the structural project goals, with the bonus of an enhanced aesthetic look of natural stone.

"This was a high-end project, and we were so impressed by the Mega-Tandem look that we suggested our client take a serious look," Locke said. "Working with our great supplier Dee Young at Beehive Brick & Stone, we introduced the clients to the Mega-Tandem product, and they were completely impressed."


As would be expected, there were some initial learning curve challenges in working with a new product. However, according to both Locke and Young, those issues were quickly resolved with the help of Belgard team members, national SRW Account Manager Al Pfannenstein and local Sales Rep Tanya Cartwright.

'Al actually has visited the project several times, providing engineering expertise and installation support and guidance on this beautiful and effective new product to our market," said Young. "The desired results have been monitored by Al and Tanya every step of the way. This not only has provided impressive service and support to our customers, but it has virtually guaranteed the successful launch of Mega-Tandem as the new standard of aesthetics in SRW."

Locke echoed Young's sentiments, "We are completely impressed with the strength of the new system and the incredible look that leaves other wall systems far behind."

PROJECT: Residential Terrace Retaining Wall - Salt Lake City, Utah

DEVELOPER: Ken & Kristen Keller, Keller Development

PRODUCT USED: Mega-Tandem™ Mass Segmental Retaining Wall

INSTALLER: Terra-Scape Landscaping - Rand Locke, Owner

DEALER: Beehive Brick & Stone - Dee Young, VP of Sales

BELGARD TEAM: Tanya Cartwright, Sales Rep; Al Pfannenstein, National SRW Account Manager

SUPPLIER: Amcor, an Oldcastle company