The installation side of the hardscape business is typically slower during the winter months, which means that now is an excellent time to assess your business strategies and pick up some new habits that can propel your business forward into the new year. Adopting these business resolutions can help you bring your business to the next level.
1. Look for logical opportunities to expand your service offerings.
Often, adding a service or two to your lineup can help increase the scope of each job or present an opportunity for repeat business. For example, if you install pavers and retaining walls, but do not install outdoor kitchens, you’re missing out on valuable business opportunities. With access to products like the Belgard Elements catalog of modular outdoor living units and Tandem® Modular Grid, it’s extremely easy to add outdoor kitchens to your repertoire. And if you don’t already offer cleaning and sealing services, you’re missing out on repeat business, referrals, and income opportunities during slower months.
2. Increase your use of technology.
We live in an increasingly technological world. Those who do not adapt will eventually be left behind. For just about every business need, there’s an app for that – communications, marketing, project management, crew management, and more. You should also take advantage of the design technology provided by the Belgard Design Studio, which can increase closure rates by allowing homeowners to visualize their new space using 3-D imagery and flythrough animation. Another idea is to purchase a video drone to make flythrough videos of your completed installations to post on your website or social media pages, which can boost referrals.
3. Build your web presence.
Inexpensive web-hosting platforms like WordPress make it fairly simple to setup a website that you can easily update regularly. At the very least, you should have a Facebook page and a Houzz listing to promote your business and showcase projects. Pinterest boards are also good place to showcase beauty shots of your work, and YouTube pages provide a platform to showcase walkthroughs or drone videos. Just remember to update these pages regularly and promote them. It’s also a good idea to create a LinkedIn profile for yourself or your business, which can help you network with builders, architects, and other industry professionals. By becoming a Belgard Authorized Contractor, you can also increase your web presence with a listing in the contractor locator gallery to gain referrals.
4. Build your brand.
Get your name out there. Participate in home shows, send postcards to former customers, go to Chamber of Commerce meetings, do some local consumer marketing, sponsor a booth at the school fair… anything to help increase awareness of your company name in a positive way. During slow times, you can also canvass neighborhoods looking for new construction in progress in order to network with builders and foremen. To put your best foot forward, be sure to have professional business cards and marketing materials that you can leave behind. To facilitate this, Belgard Authorized Contractors can stretch their marketing dollars by ordering professionally produced marketing materials from the Belgard Virtual Agency.
5. Invest in yourself.
You are your company’s best asset. This year, make it a priority to increasing your industry knowledge. Look for continuing education opportunities like those offered through Belgard University, or talk to your rep about scheduling the Belgard Road Show for your market. Another way to invest in yourself is to take a technology class or get certified in another installation technique. And if you’re not already a Belgard Authorized Contractor, now is the time to begin the process so that you can take advantage of Belgard’s business-building tools and programs.