Research shows that today's hardscape trends are primarily focused on outdoor entertaining. For the most part, modern homeowners want the exterior of their homes to reflect the style and functionality of the interior. Textures are leaning more towards those that simulate natural stone, and eye-catching laying patterns and designs are beginning to become more prevalent. Below are a few designs that illustrate some of the emerging trends for the upcoming year.

Belgard Fire Pit
Fire pits continue to be among one of the top must-haves for homeowners. In a natural progression, built-in seating in the form of benches, seat walls, and ledges continues to grow in popularity. This particular design also illustrates the developing trend of multi-level surfaces and eclectic paver designs.

Belgard Outdoor Kitchen
Outdoor kitchens continue to grow in popularity with the emerging trend of sophisticated lighting and integrated audio-visual equipment and Wi-Fi accessibility. Another rising trend in outdoor kitchens includes multiple cooking surfaces, such as grills, gas burners, convection ovens, and brick ovens.

Belgard Outdoor Living Room
Outdoor living rooms are becoming standard in new construction, particularly for higher end homes. This outdoor living room illustrates the "bringing the indoors out" concept by incorporating one of the latest trends in paver design, the faux rug. Water features also continue to be popular.

Today's homeowners are looking for additional ways to go green, resulting in the rising trend of permeable pavers, which improve the quality and reduces the quantity of stormwater runoff. With the addition of a cistern and a pump, water that filters through the pavers can also be collected and recycled for irrigation. Homebuilders are also finding that permeable pavers can help increase the usable space of large developments by eliminating the need for retention ponds.