Selecting paver shapes, patterns and designs.

Natural, Classic and Transitional paver styles from Belgard give you the freedom to realize your vision in a variety of ways. From dynamic masterpieces to projects of simple, understated beauty—anything is possible with the right paver and a little planning.

Paver patterns based on architecture.

Looking to match the architectural qualities of your home? Here are a few considerations:

  • For homes with straight lines, geometric pavers in simple patterns will complement them nicely.
  • For ornate Victorian-style homes, lay your pavers in an elegant design that echoes the arched windows and doors.
  • For rectangular Colonial homes, repeat the look by using brick-shaped pavers
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Hardscape patterns based on paver shape

Have a specific look you'd like to accomplish with your paver design? Here are a few suggestions:

  • To help narrow areas like walkways appear wider, consider laying pavers in diagonal or horizontal rows.
  • Help larger areas feel tight and unified by using grids of rectangular pavers.
  • Pavers in the Belgard Natural Collection can be arranged so the pattern is barely visible, for a truly random feel.
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