Product Spotlight: Belair Wall

With the popularity of walls on the rise (pun intended) and the numerous ways wall block can be used in outdoor living spaces, we’re spotlighting one of our favorite retaining wall blocks, Belair Wall.

Belair Wall is ideal for retaining and freestanding wall construction where aesthetics are a key consideration. The attractive multipiece design and blended colors offer an alternative look to traditional retaining wall blocks. Belair Wall can be used in curves and corners, terraces and raised patios, or steps and columns.

Here are a few of our favorite outdoor living spaces that use Belair Wall:

Belgard’s Best for Creating a Retaining Wall

Have you been interested in adding a retaining wall to your outdoor space? Belgard offers several wall block options to help you design a retaining wall that fits aesthetically with your home’s style including:

Belair Wall is ideal for retaining and freestanding wall construction where aesthetics are a key consideration. The attractive multipiece design and blended colors offer an alternative look to traditional retaining wall blocks. Belair Wall can be used in curves and corners, terraces and raised patios, or steps and columns.
7.22.13 - belair
The flexibility of Weston Stone is unmatched. Its natural stone appearance allows for a wide range of applications and design options. This double-sided wall is the ideal choice for garden walls, pillars, outdoor kitchens and planters.
7.22.13 - weston
Rough-hewn texture and natural hues give Celtik Wall a time-honored appearance recalling classic European gardens. Celtik Wall’s antiqued look is complemented by modern manufacturing, which yields precise dimensional consistency, resulting in the perfect companion to paver projects, landscape contouring, or garden areas.
7.22.13 - celtik
Country Manor
The rustic look of Old English estate walls is deftly captured in Country Manor Wall. With a remarkably broad range of shapes and colors, it’s the ideal choice for freestanding landscape walls, columns and moderate height reinforced retaining walls. Country Manor employs patented pin technology, providing extra strength with an ease of installation that’s second-to-none.
7.22.13 - country manor
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How to Use Walls in an Outdoor Space

Hardscapes aren’t just pavers underfoot. Hardscape walls can be used in outdoor spaces in many ways, from decorative walls to seating walls, retaining walls and garden walls. Plus, many times a wall can serve as more than just one of these functions.

Decorative Walls
Wall block can be used in a number of decorative ways to enhance the appeal of your outdoor space. Ask your Belgard Authorized Contractor how you can use wall block to create a custom fireplace or fire pit, a custom piece built to fit your grill, or how walls can help define a space.

4.1.13 - 1
Seating Walls
Seating walls are a great way to add additional seating for your outdoor space. We love curved seating walls around the fire pit – perfect for large groups and entertaining. Outdoor pillows can add a cozy, decorative element.

4.1.13 - 2
Retaining Walls
Retaining walls are an attractive solution for hilly landscapes and can provide added curb appeal when used in the front of the home.

4.1.13 - 3
Garden Walls
Wall block can also be used to create garden areas. Garden walls using Belgard block give your garden structure and style.

4.1.13 - 4
Privacy Walls
For homeowners looking for some extra privacy in their outdoor space, consider adding a privacy wall to rebuff inquisitive eyes and traveling noise.

4.1.13 - 5
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Contractor’s Corner: New Products for 2013

Contractors play a pivotal role in helping homeowners bring their outdoor living visions to life. Each month, we’ll offer a Contractor’s Corner post to share tips to help our contractor partners offer even more to homeowners and their landscapes.

A new year brings new beginnings, new inspirations and new Belgard products, of course! We are excited to introduce new product offerings including Lafitt™ Grana Slab, Wellington Wall™ and Mega-Tandem™ Wall.

Lafitt™ Grana Slab
1.21.13 - 1
Lafitt Grana Slab pairs sleek, contemporary style with modern durability and design innovation. This three piece modular slab features large scale units and a smooth finish, providing increased area coverage with fewer pieces and giving every outdoor space a grand appearance.

Lafitt Grana Slab, which was used in the 2012 House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year, is regionally available with plans to expand nationwide soon.

Wellington Wall™
1.21.13 - 2
Wellington Wall system provides the rough-hewn appearance of hand-laid stone that will complement any hardscapes project. The versatile, multi-piece Wellington Wall system can be used to create attractive, curved or straight retaining and freestanding landscape walls and is great for use in a wide range of residential projects.

Wellington Wall can be used for either retaining or freestanding wall applications and requires no pattern for a random look. Wellington Wall is currently available in the Midwest.

Mega-Tandem™ Wall
1.21.13 - 3
Belgard is launching the newest innovation in segmental retaining wall design with Mega-Tandem Wall. Mega-Tandem can be used for residential or commercial applications. Walls may be built up to 10-feet high without reinforcement and 25-feet high with reinforcement.

The face of Mega-Tandem has a texture reminiscent of natural stone. The front veneer panels are attached by connecting members to a back panel and the wall system is filled with net aggregates for structural integrity. Design versatility allows for radiuses and right angle corners with 2.5 degree setback. Mega-Tandem will be released in late spring of 2013.

Chip’s Tips: Chip Wade Answers Your Questions About Outdoor Living Areas

Belgard has partnered with home expert and TV host, Chip Wade. Throughout the year, we will be collecting your questions for Chip so he can answer your queries on your own outdoor projects.

Chip is excited to help our readers with their own projects. If you don’t see your question below, keep checking back as Chip continues to answer homeowner questions throughout the year. Here are his tips:

We have a one-story brick ranch home with a wooden deck, and we’ve always wanted to build a patio out from the deck to give us more outdoor living area and space for a Jacuzzi. I retired last month and finally have the time to enjoy this space, but I’m concerned about mixing brick with brick and the wooden deck. How do you think those two go together, and do you have any recommendations for what we should do to get started?
– Catherine W.

A wood deck can be nice, but it takes a lot of maintenance, especially if you are not using premium exotic hardwoods, which can be extremely expensive and still require maintenance.  You can stain the wood to match the deck, again that is that maintenance issue that will come up every year to protect your investment.  Putting in a hardscape with pavers might give you a little more peace of mind in the maintenance category.  Pavers outlast any decking, and Belgard offers a variety of natural tones to complement any existing color scheme, even brick.

We recently put an addition on our house to expand our kitchen. In order to free up space for that, we pulled up the old patio. Now we are going to lay a new patio. I’d like to reuse the bricks from the old one if we can. Is that a good idea? If so, is there anything we can do to keep the grass and weeds from growing up between the bricks like they did in our old patio?
– Kara W.

This can be a good idea if the bricks are in good shape, if there are enough of them, and if they are thick enough. I would recommend using the bricks potentially as an accent, and use another material that is more suited to last in a paver form that is more cost effective to install. If you properly prepare your grade and pavers with the right base, there are only a few types of plants that can successfully root in the sand. These plants are easily kept at bay with the bimonthly spray of weed killer.

Three years ago we bought a home on Florida’s west coast. It had a concrete lanai with a small concrete patio outside, and we added large concrete pavers to make the patio area larger. The concrete lanai has a design in it and there are several cracks, so it needs a facelift. What we’d like to do is put smaller pavers over the entire area. Can we do this, even though there are two different bases? And, can we use an adhesive instead of sand? I don’t want sand inside my lanai, and I’d like the interior and exterior living spaces to be the same.
– Elaine S.

As long as the concrete is not displaced, meaning it has big cracks with the concrete being left very uneven, you can go right over the top.  You can do a crush and sand base over the concrete or you can clean the concrete thoroughly and add a bonding catalyst, then you can mortar the pavers right down to the surface. This can be a very effective way of using what is already there.

How accurate is the Belair retaining wall stone in height when you mix the three inch and the six inch block together? I am assuming the two threes match the six inch brick in height otherwise you would have a wave in the wall, correct?
– David K.

Great question. The 6” and the 3” Belair are compatible to work in combination with each other as a multi height retaining or free standing wall structure. Belair is designed to be easy-to-use and to give design flexibility. Belair Wall can be used for free standing walls or columns as well as retaining walls and even sweeping curves. It’s also a great product for terraces, raised patios and steps. Belgard has some good information and laying patterns for combination Belair Wall on their website,

Give Your Neighbors Curb-Appeal Envy

The New Year is the perfect time to begin planning projects that will give your neighbors curb-appeal envy. Remodeling projects that improve the aesthetic of the front of your home not only raise your home’s value, but also attract the interest of potential buyers. If you’re not looking to sell anytime soon, remember that Belgard® pavers are manufactured to last a lifetime and will continue to look like new for however long you decided to stay – and in the meantime, you’ll love arriving home every day to a beautiful front yard. Here are some areas where pavers can enhance your landscape:

Nothing makes an entrance like a driveway crafted with the distinctive elegance of pavers. Mix and match colors to “paint” your driveway, or choose one color and keep it classic and clean.

A walkway can be designed to add atmosphere and shape while providing a clear path to visitors protecting your lawn. A walkway or path featuring a thoughtfully designed mix of paver laying patterns creates visual interest, leading the way while captivating the senses.

For extra impact, incorporate steps – a seamless match to walkways. Belgard offers a variety of natural, smooth-step pavers that provide another dimension to your scenery. Welcome your guests with an entrance they can adore while they wait for you to answer the door!

Retaining Walls
Retaining walls add variety and create interest in your home landscape. Retaining walls are also the perfect complement to colorful gardens. Walls give your landscape structure and allow you to be creative with textures and colors.

Contact your local Belgard dealer to start planning your project today.