Outdoor Trends: Rise of the Outdoor Chef

In a recent industry survey, 92% of landscape architects reported that outdoor kitchens are one of the hottest outdoor trends of 2014. And, it’s not just about the basic grill anymore. From built-in gourmet cooking stations to beer taps, homeowners are customizing their outdoor kitchens with virtually any indoor modern convenience. Add to this the fact that concrete pavers provide heat resistance and easy clean-up, and it’s no wonder that the outdoor kitchen has become the preferred cooking space for many homeowners, creating a trend in outdoor gourmet fare.

The Key to a Well-Planned Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor KitchenThe outdoor chef needs more than just a grill. Who wants to run in and out of the house to fix a single gourmet meal? With both a fridge and a warming tray, the outdoor chef can keep courses at the perfect temperature until ready to serve. Adequate food prep surfaces and multiple cooking surfaces are also a must. In addition to standard drop-in grills, outdoor kitchens can be constructed to include gas burners and specialized cookers like the Big Green Egg. And don’t forget cleanup! Remember to plan space for garbage and a sink.

Brick Ovens: They're Not Just for Pizza Anymore

Wexford Brick Oven

Many people know that one of the best ways to cook a pizza is in a wood-fired brick oven. Outdoor chefs also know that nearly anything that can be cooked in a regular oven can also be cooked in a brick oven…and the recipes only gets better with the added smoky flavor. That’s why one of the rising trends in the outdoor gourmet kitchen is to have a brick oven as the centerpiece.

Standard Appliances Making the Move Outdoors

As the rise of the outdoor chef continues, outdoor-rated appliances continue to become more plentiful and readily available. What started with the outdoor refrigerator has broadened to include the wine fridge, roll-top beverage cooler, keg cooler, and even dishwasher and microwave. Nearly any appliance that you would think of to put in your indoor kitchen or bar comes rated for or can be adapted for use in an outdoor kitchen.

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